Have a look at the coolest Dark Souls fan art we’ve seen in a LONG while.

I’ve spent the past few weeks coming to terms with the end of the Dark Souls saga (for now), following the release of Dark Souls 3‘s last DLC, The Ringed City. Hidetaka Miyazaki has been firm about Dark Souls 3 being the last Souls game as far as he’s concerned, though it seems fairly inevitable that Namco Bandai will nonetheless try to resurrect it in some form down the line. Anybody who’s read You Died will know what an impact Dark Souls has had on its players (if you haven’t read it, what are you doing? Buy it RIGHT NOW), so this is the end not only of the series, but of a significant chapter in our lives.

You can’t help but wonder where Dark Souls might go in the future, though, if there were ever to be another Souls game, or what FromSoft (or another developer) might do next with the systems and philosophy of Dark Souls, much of which was applied so successfully to Bloodborne. I recently came across this fantastic fan art by two Japanese Souls fans, imagining the series in a modern-day Tokyo setting. It’s the details that make them. Check out Niy’s Tokyo Dark Souls art:

Tokyo Dark Souls 8

I love that the healing item is a convenience-store vitamin drink (“Estusmin C”), and mobile phone reception stands in for the Covenant symbols.

Tokyo Dark Souls 9

Incredible scenes amongst the torii gates and discarded temple calligraphy. The text reads “Would these pitiful dead go so far as to protect this place?”

Tokyo Dark Souls 10

A golem made of street-signs emerges from the backstreets.

Tokyo Dark Souls 11

“Tank returned from the abyss” – appropriately mysterious.

Tokyo Dark Souls 12

Inspired by Niy’s art, Abubu took the Tokyo Dark Souls idea and ran with it:

Tokyo Dark Souls 1 Tokyo Dark Souls 2

This is so damn cool is gives me shivers.

Tokyo Dark Souls 3 Tokyo Dark Souls 4

The image shows a boss battle Dragonslayer Ornstein and pals… except they’re cosplayers.

Tokyo Dark Souls 5

This scene looks like it’s based on Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market, which is terrifying enough without the fish-ghouls. A luminescent stick and a lighter stand in for torch weapons. The healing item is antibiotics.

Tokyo Dark Souls 6 Tokyo Dark Souls 7

Praise the Tokyo Tower!

Here’s a cool making-of GIF that illustrates how these scenes were painted:

These artworks spawned a Twitter hashtag in Japan, where people compared ideas for weapons, locations and systems f0r a Tokyo Dark Souls. The idea of the mobile phone as locus of magic and navigation is genius, and there’s a survivalist aspect to this idea that’s really exciting – scavenging weapons and healing items from a ravaged Tokyo would be so compelling. I’d never really thought of myself as playing a scavenger in Dark Souls, but come to think, that’s exactly what we’re doing, isn’t it? Picking up the remains of civilisation and doing what we can with it?

I’d love someone to take the idea of a modern-day Souls-like and make it a reality. We’ve seen more and more Souls-inspired games released in the past few years, and I suspect we’re only seeing the first fruits of its influence.

(Thanks to Paul for the Japanese help!)

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