We’re delighted to announce that YOU DIED: The Dark Souls Companion now has a final cover and release date! It’ll be out in late April, priced at £9.99 (roughly £13 via standard shipping in the UK, or just over $20 incl. international shipping for you American-types). You can order it from our exclusive distributor MyBookSource, and they ship anywhere in the world.



Here’s what you can expect from YOU DIED:

  • Brand-new interview material with Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki, and others closely involved in the game’s creation
  • A full, guided tour of Dark Souls’ world and lore, delving into its many enduring mysteries
  • 40 original illustrations by collaborators Paul Canavan (cover artist) and Angus Dick (featured below)

  • Vignettes about how Dark Souls has affected people’s lives, from the couple who fell in love while exploring Blighttown to an in-depth profile of video creator VaatiVidya, who makes a living from unpacking its lore
  • Misadventures of the first game journalists to ever set foot in Lordran
  • The most insane challenges undertaken by Dark Souls fans, from completing the game using solely voice commands to spending two hours killing Gwyn with bare knuckles
  • Explore the psychology of Dark Souls players, from those who love invading and assassinating unsuspecting players to the jolly co-operators whose fun comes from helping out
  • Game developers share the ways in which Dark Souls has influenced their own projects and shaped the industry at large
  • Learn the history of Dark Souls developer From Software and discover how the game was made


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